Arushi Sharma

December 21, 2021

Focus: Arushi has joined the IAC team to lead the development of IAC’s IP Intelligence Database, which includes building datasets related to data-driven cleantech market sectors and technologies. Additionally, Arushi will perform patent landscape analysis, portfolio and patent reviews, and build reports.

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Rasha Shamat

December 21, 2021

Focus: Engaging and assisting new potential members in realizing the benefit and value of becoming an integral part of IAC, ensuing membership growth and customer relevance.

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Parteek Saxena

December 21, 2021

Joshua Renouf

December 21, 2021

Focus: Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty through various digital marketing initiatives as well as online community management across multiple social media platforms.

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Ron Oliver

December 21, 2021

Focus:  Working as part of the Freedom to Operate team, Ron helps with identification of key markets and technical areas to acquire patents and freedom to operate licenses.

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Melissa Bouffard

December 21, 2021

Focus: Acting as the main point of contact for all IAC members. In this role, Melissa is supporting and engaging with members, to understand their needs and the challenges they are facing.

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Ornat Maynes

December 21, 2021

Focus: Acting as the first point of contact for any new education inquiries from IAC members and partners, Ornat is supporting the Education team with programming, logistics and research, building and implementing strong education programs.

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Jim Kosolowski

December 21, 2021

Focus:  Leading the delivery of IAC’s freedom to operate (FTO) patent purchase and licensing program, which offers maximize value for Canadian cleantech SMEs. With a focus on IACs IP services. Jim works with a team of patent professionals to analyze and source IP and contribute to patent intelligence work.

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Spoorthy Kondaveeti

December 21, 2021

Colin Kibjis

December 21, 2021

Focus – Working across program streams and with the Leadership team, Colin is responsible for providing project management support for strategic initiatives, as well as ensuring compliance and managing government relations.

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