IAC Program

IAC Market Intelligence

On a quarterly basis, IAC produces market intelligence known as Patent Landscape Reports. These are detailed and comprehensive reports (ranging for 100 – 130 pages in length), which provide data and patent information that identify gaps, trends, etc. to help you better understand risks and opportunities to make informed decisions as you scale and grow. 

These reports, which go above-and-beyond patent landscape studies to extract insights that make business sense, require hours of research and analysis and would cost between $25k- $30K per report, if commissioned by an individual business. 

To help you use these reports most effectively for business growth, IAC produces audio tutorials that act as guides for the report to highlight the key findings and how to get the most from the report itself.  

Patent Landscape Report

To date, IAC has provided two landscape reports: Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

Our upcoming report on Energy Efficiency in Data Centre (agi) is in the final stages of production; with two additional reports focused on Precision Agriculture and Energy Storage currently underway.