IAC provides expert programs built on global best practices and developed by a network of leading service providers, academic researchers, and innovation funders. We focus on four key areas to change the competitive landscape for our members.

Our Programs

& Services

World class education and bespoke advisory services so members can develop effective and strategic IP portfolios. IAC’s curriculum is created by global experts and delivered by qualified professionals focused on best practices. Member companies are supported as they develop tailor-made IP strategies.

IP Patent

Strategic IP solutions for members who are working to generate ideas and build patent portfolios to remain competitive as they scale. IAC will assist in this solution through financing, funding, or subsidizing patent filings and IP portfolio creation for members.

Freedom to

Cost-effective solutions to access IP (patent). IAC will do this through Freedom to Operate (FTO) acquisitions or access to defensive patents for member use based on patents that are within the scope of technology that members may be interested in.

IP Intelligence
& Prior Art

Access to a prior art library for both defensive use and to increase the quality of members’ patent filings. Litigation strategy assistance. SMEs can continue to work with their chosen law firm. IAC membership will act as a complement to this partnership; it will not replace it. Member companies will also have ongoing access to IP intelligence and market data to develop their own individual business and IP strategies.

The IAC Difference

Leaders in IP Education

Access to global expertise in IP analytics, IP strategy, education, and patent licensing.

Access and Costs

Access to IAC’s full scale of support at a reduced cost from market rate through IAC’s economies of scale.

Leveraged Costs

Buying power to pre-negotiate fixed-fee or subscription services.

Enhanced Participation of Under-represented Groups

Opportunities to increase participation of under-represented groups across Canada.

Capacity and Knowledge Building; Supporting IP in the Ecosystem

A collective of human capital and IP intelligence through peer-to-peer engagement and SME best practices, that does not exist anywhere else in Canada.

Governmental Insights

A deep understanding of the IP ecosystem, which will enable the government to form valuable insights into IP challenges and benchmarks that Canadian SMEs have.