IAC Programs

As a members-based not-for-profit, IAC is helping to educate and enable Canadian companies to take control of their innovations. 


IAC offers the gold standard in IP education. 

Our programs are designed to go beyond webinars to bridge the gap in understanding that exists at the intersection of IP and business strategy. We empower companies to develop and maintain solid, scalable, forward-thinking IP and Data Strategies

IP Funding

As an SME, you are often capital constrained. Your allocation of funds supports your business-critical infrastructure and R&D initiatives, while IP-specific spend is often put on the backburner. 

This is where IAC can help. 

IAC IP Portfolio

As a collective, IAC has allocated $10M to acquire specific patients, which will be available on a needs basis, to help minimize your risk of third party threats. 

This provides a business advantage against like-sized and larger companies to help you grow and scale internationally. Essentially, IAC is assessing the competition and creating a patent pool that acts as a defensive tool and helps to protect you. 

Patent Landscape Reports

To date, IAC has provided two landscape reports: Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

Our upcoming report on Energy Efficiency in Data Centre (agi) is in the final stages of production; with two additional reports focused on Precision Agriculture and Energy Storage currently underway.