IP Matters for Growth

There is a proven need for Canadian companies to build capacity when it comes to IP strategy. SMEs often have limited resources to build an IP position and in turn often take little or no action to secure ownership of their innovation. This often results in IP rights that are invention-led and reactive, rather than establishing ownership of the company’s true value proposition. A successful IP Strategy should be innovation-led and proactive. IAC’s goal is to help you develop and strengthen your IP strategy to enable business opportunities and growth.


SMEs owning IP are 60% more likely to be high- growth SMEs and 4 times more likely to export. (Source: The Canadian Intellectual Property Office)


SMEs who use more than one type of IP increase their odds of high-growth. Specifically, SMEs that have filed at least one European IP right are 26% more likely to experience a subsequent growth period, and 17% more likely to become a high- growth firm. (Source: European Patent Office)

As an SME in the data driven cleantech sector, IAC will enable you to accomplish more through collective action.

As Canada’s IP leader, we are empowering the sustained success of Canadian SMEs through leadership in IP strategy and its use to create global business advantage.

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Source: Report: Intellectual Property in Ontario’s Innovation Ecosystem