IP Matters for Growth

Intellectual Property (IP) and data are the most valuable assets of many cleantech and data-driven companies. A successful IP strategy is critical for businesses to maintain their competitive advantage as they grow.

SMEs owning IP are 60% more likely to be high-growth SMEs and 4 times more likely to export. (Source: The Canadian Intellectual Property Office)

SMEs who use more than one type of IP increase their odds of high-growth. Specifically, SMEs that have filed at least one European IP right are 26% more likely to experience a subsequent growth period, and 17% more likely to become a high-growth firm. (Source: European Patent Office)

Canada is the world’s open source factory for ideas. We create it, but let others commercialize it.

Participant from Ontario College of Art & Design University at Expert Panel on IP Consultation

IAC will help SMEs operating in a dynamic technological area grow to scale by supporting their patent and other IP needs.

Working with Canadian data-driven cleantech companies, IAC helps them harness the value and power of their IP so Canadian innovations remain Canadian-owned longer, allowing Canadians to reap the profits of growth both domestically and globally.

The strategic leverage of a collective model provides a cost-effective delivery system of services for members while setting the stage for their international growth. IAC members will benefit from one stop access to the specialized resources and knowledge necessary to maximize the value of their intangible assets.

Components of S&P 500 Market Value: shift from tangibles to intangibles