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Innovation Asset Collective & Foresight Canada: Strengthening Canada’s Innovation Ecosystem  


March 19, 2024




Innovation Asset Collective (IAC) and Foresight Canada forged a strategic partnership to empower more Canadian SMEs to develop and implement effective IP strategies. This capacity-building collaboration will help SMEs navigate the complexities of IP management, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities for growth in global markets. 

Foresight’s mission of accelerating companies to commercialize innovative climate solutions aligns with IAC’s goal to empower Canadian SMEs to use IP as a business tool to increase their freedom to operate. Together, they will support Canadian companies in growing, scaling, and competing in global markets. 

“A strong IP strategy is vital for business success, especially in today’s competitive landscape. We’re excited to team up with Foresight Canada to empower Canadian companies with the resources and expertise needed to navigate the IP landscape effectively. Understanding the importance of IP and building formidable positions are crucial for companies aiming to become global technology leaders. This insight inspired the creation of IAC. We firmly believe that a business-driven IP strategy supports an organization’s ability to commercialize innovation and drive revenue.” 

Mike McLean


As part of the partnership, Foresight mentors will have access to a range of IAC’s learning resources to help them guide start-ups in IP strategy development and improve their overall understanding of IP. Additionally, eligible Foresight companies will be offered IAC’s Associate membership, providing access to various benefits including funding, learning tools, and IP intelligence reports. 

IAC and Foresight will also jointly work to provide mentors with educational materials such as articles and podcasts to enhance their awareness of the strategic significance of IP. 

“Scaling ventures and fostering the adoption of climate solutions are crucial steps in driving Canada’s economic growth and sustainability. Intellectual property (IP) plays a pivotal role in the net zero journey, safeguarding the unique ideas and inventions that propel businesses forward. By combining our expertise and resources, Foresight and Innovation Asset Collective can provide invaluable support to Canadian SMEs navigating the complexities of IP management. Together, we will empower these ventures to not only protect their innovations, but also leverage their IP assets to accelerate growth, secure partnerships, and effectively compete in global markets.”

Jeanette Jackson

CEO of Foresight Canada

The Innovation Asset Collective (IAC) is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization funded by the Government of Canada. IAC empowers SMEs to grow systematically with resources that increase their freedom to operate (FTO) and create capacity to implement IP strategies. This allows Canadian businesses to scale and gain commercial success in global markets. 

Established in 2019, IAC focuses on bridging the gap between R&D and commercial success. Members can access a comprehensive suite of resources including a growing patent portfolio, IP insurance, education, toolkits, and funding.  

With over 200 members, IAC is dedicated to enhancing Canadian SMEs’ global market access by mitigating IP-related risks and fostering strategic IP ownership positions, with the support of a team of world-renowned IP experts. 

For further information about IAC, please visit www.ipcollective.ca or to become a member visit www.ipcollective.ca/membership.

Foresight is Canada’s largest cleantech innovation and adoption accelerator. Our audacious goal is that Canada be the first G7 country to reach net zero. In collaboration with our Helix 5TM collaborators — innovators, industry, investors, government, and academia — we’re working to achieve this by rapidly accelerating innovation and driving the adoption of climate solutions.  

Since inception, we have made enormous strides in strategy development, ecosystem mapping, and partnership building to position Canada as a global leader in cleantech innovation. We have programs and10+ cleantech ventures, built relationships with 400+ investors through our access to capital programs, and engaged with 2,000+ stakeholders from around the world to secure $1.72 billion in capital and support the creation of 8,070+ high-paying jobs for Canadians.  

Find out more at www.foresightcac.com and follow on LinkedIn