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June 24 2021 | IP Layering: Trade Secrets and Patents

June 24 2021 at 12 PM ET

The June installment of the Innovator Series on IP Layering: Patents and Trade Secrets will feature IAC co-founder Peter Cowan (Northworks IP), Mike McLean (IAC) with Cynthia Shippam (NRCan / IRAP) in conversation about these two important types of IP protection and how to contextualize them within your business strategy. Attendees will learn key considerations of layering patents and trade secrets and the overall benefits of a nuanced approach to setting and implementing an IP strategy. Panelists will showcase some lessons learned from their many years of experience as experts in the field, and answer audience questions to provide attendees with a road map to start considering a layered IP strategy of their own.

Members get more: IAC Members will get the recorded webinar as well as takeaway slides with key points and action items from the panelists. The July networking session will offer another chance for members to follow up with the IAC IP experts and ask questions about the webinar topic or any other IP-related issues. 

Peter Cowan is a co-founder of IAC. He is also the founder and Principal Consultant at Northworks IP, an IP Advisory firm that was founded to help companies expand the value of their IP assets through a business focused approach to IP. Peter has 20 years of experience in IP strategy, and for the past 7 years has worked as a senior consultant for numerous Multinationals, SMEs, and Venture Firms around the globe to help them make improved licensing and strategic decisions about their IP assets and investments. He has deep technical expertise and is a named inventor on at least 70 patents in the clean energy sector.

Mike McLean, VP IP Operations & Transactions at IAC, brings more than two decades of IP expertise as he oversees IP programming such as IP Generation, IP Intelligence and Freedom to Operate. He leads a team of IP professionals to deliver strategic IP assistance, data and insights to member organizations in the data-driven clean technology sector. Before joining IAC, Mike was the senior vice president of IP services at TechInsights where he founded the patent development service and established a centre of excellence around patent portfolio management and patent assessments. His practice enables data-driven decision making and effective identification of patent assets for enforcement or sale, provides guidance on invention selection and patent acquisition programmes, and ensures the alignment of patent portfolios with intellectual property and business strategy. Mr. McLean has worked extensively with the technology practices of major law firms, in-house corporate counsel teams of global technology companies and external licensing agencies.

Cynthia Shippam is an Industry Technical Advisor (ITA) with the National Research Council (NRC-IRAP).  IRAP works with SMEs to support growth through innovation. Cynthia brings to her role as an ITA more than 20 years’ experience in research, technology transfer, commercialization and intellectual property protection with SMEs.  She has developed and managed intellectual property in a variety of industries, both in private practice and in-house. Her academic and professional experience (PhD, MBA, Patent Agent) provides her with a broad technical background in life sciences, including: research in agriculture and infectious disease models; assessment, protection and commercialization of novel chemical entities; bioinformatics; assay development; and medical devices.

Past Events

Trademarks and Branding Strategy

May 27, 2021: Trademarks and Branding Strategy

The IAC Education Team thanks all attendees who joined our May Innovator Series – Trademarks and Branding Strategy.

This session focused specifically on trademarks as a form of IP and explored the alignment of a company's branding and marketing objectives with its national and international trademark strategies.

IAC Education Executive Advisor and Distinguished Law Professor Myra Tawfik was joined by expert panelists Nicole Anderson (Strategic Initiatives, ENWIN Utilities and Energy) and Jason Hynes (Partner, Bereskin & Parr LLP) who provided their insight and learnings from their collective legal and business experiences, both in Canada and abroad.

The discussion topics included the basics of developing a branding and marketing strategy for a business and where trademarks fit into a marketing and branding strategy. Participants learned how to identify the practical steps and costs of securing trademark rights in global markets, how licensing and other strategies enhance the value of your trademark and your brand and ways to integrate legal and business best practices in developing your trademark, branding and marketing strategy.

In case you missed it or would like to reflect on the discussions, here at the key takeaways:

Download the French version here. 

Data Fundamentals for Business

April 22, 2021

We had a very informative and engaging discussion with exciting panelists in the third installment of the Innovator Series webinars, Data Fundamentals for Business.

The webinar explored the value of data as a business asset, managing risk and leveraging opportunity.

Learn more about this topic with Key Takeaways from the session.

FRENCH - Download the Key Takeaways in French here. 

LOOKING FOR INVESTORS? Importance of an IP Strategy in Raising Capital

March 25, 2021

We had a lively session with an exciting panel of IP and business experts at our second Innovator Series webinar, Looking for Investors? Important of an IP Strategy in Raising Capital.

The webinar dove into what funders and investors look for in a pitch, the importance of creating an IP culture, and how leveraging a robust IP portfolio can help companies achieve funding from investors.

Learn more about this valuable topic with Key Takeaways from the session.

Advanced IP Strategy: “Going Global”

February 11, 2021

The IAC Education Team would like to thank all who joined us for our first webinar in the Innovator Series - Going Global with Your IP. 

Going Global explored key aspects of IP strategies for companies entering different global markets. The discussion included presentations from Peter Cowan and Jim Hinton, co-founders of IAC, and featured a fireside chat with our guest speaker Dr. Anne Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Kinaxis, a leader in supply chain planning software based in Ottawa.

Discussion topics our speakers covered included licensing practices and regimes, best practices for prosecution and enforcement, managing a global IP portfolio and strategy, trademark and branding strategies, multi-jurisdictional patent filings and considerations that are factored into a global IP strategy from a company’s perspective.

Download the key takeaways from the session.