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IP is a Teachable Skill: How IP Culture impacts business strategy


June 23, 2022


Across Canada


Innovator Series

Join IAC on June 23 at 3 pm ET/ 1 pm MT/ noon PT  for our latest Innovator Series event, IP is a Teachable Skill: How IP Culture Impacts Business Strategy.

In a discussion moderated by IAC’s in-house legal counsel, Sharon Ho, and featuring a panel of leading IP experts, we will discuss:

  • What it means to create a culture of IP in your company 
  • Why fostering an IP culture will help your employees better understand and contribute to the company’s overall strategy and innovation ecosystem 
  • How creating a culture of IP can help your company avoid common legal pitfalls including accidental disclosure, cyber incidents, and more 
  • Ways to identify examples of IP policies that can protect your company’s data, IP, and innovations 

What is a culture of IP?

Simply put, a culture of IP enables innovation within an organization. It creates a working environment where innovation can thrive, with employees, management, and directors all working in tandem to promote an ecosystem where new ideas, concepts, and processes are welcomed, work is solutions-oriented, and diversity of thought is championed. It also creates an environment where employees understand their role in protecting their company’s confidential information and trade secrets through sound data security, IT compliance, de-risking, and more.  

If you have any questions about this event or the material that we will be covering, please reach out to education@ipcollective.ca.

*This event is open to the public