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Innovate to Scale: Leveraging your IAC Membership – Ontario


January 30, 2024




Join IAC with national and regional partners for a one-day session tailored to members like you.

Your company’s IP allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors in a way that is hard to imitate.

This event is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how to fully leverage your IAC membership, access invaluable insights from our IP experts, and explore funding avenues. Your presence at this event will not only strengthen your innovation strategies but also reinforce your position as a vital member of the IAC community.

Date: Tues. Jan. 30, 2024

Location: Pantages Hotel

What to Expect

As a leader in clean tech, your work is pivotal in shaping Canada’s sustainable future. We curated the day to address the specific challenges you face:

Access IAC’s IP Experts: One of the most valuable aspects of your IAC membership is the unparalleled access to our world-leading IP experts. This event will provide you with an exclusive platform to engage with them, receive personalized guidance, and leverage their expertise to enhance your IP strategy.

Maximizing Your Membership: Learn how to make the most of all the resources and benefits your IAC membership offers. Discover how to use our resources to champion your IP. Our framework combines funding, expertise, and tools to align your IP strategies with your goals.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Get access to a powerful network of local and national IP experts and clean tech industry leaders.

Discover Funding Opportunities: Uncover potential sources of funding to further support your innovation projects. Gain insights into BDC’s IP-backed financing solutions, designed to recognize and harness the value of your IP assets.


12:00 PM

Member & Partner Welcome

  • IAC CEO IAC CEO, Mike McLean set the tone for the day. This will be followed by lunch and networking opportunities. 
1:00 PM

Welcome & Introductions

  • IAC CEO, Mike McLean welcomes the audience & makes introductions.

BDC Climate Tech and IP-Backed Funding Opportunities

  • Learn about BDC’s Climate Tech Venture Capital Fund and IP-backed financing, a solution that recognizes the value of your IP strategy to raise capital to support commercialization and expansion. 
1:20 PM

Leveraging IP to Compete in Cleantech 

  • Mike McLean talks about how clean tech companies can use their IP to source capital and scale their companies.
1:45 PM

Partner Presentations

  • Discover how our ecosystem collaborators support clean tech companies like yours.
2:15 PM

IAC Member Panel

  • Learn how companies in Ontario use their IP for business advantages.
2:45 PM

Member Panel: Q&A

3:15 PM

IP Strategy: Opportunities & Risks – Workshop

  • IAC IP experts will guide companies through the importance of creating a holistic IP strategy.
4:00 PM

Network with peers and IP experts

Driving strategic growth: The IP experts at IAC

IAC is a member-based not-for-profit funded by the federal government’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) department to improve the ability of Canadian companies to leverage their Intellectual Property (IP) to scale their businesses. IAC was launched as part of the Government of Canada’s Federal IP Strategy to increase Canadian companies’ intellectual property.

IAC empowers small and medium-sized businesses to develop IP strategies that create global business advantages. Through access to the Patent Portfolio, IP intelligence reports, funding, and education, IAC helps clean tech companies establish IP ownership and bridge the gap between their current R&D and future commercial success.

In September, IAM recognized four IAC experts on their IAM 300 World’s Leading IP Strategist list. The IAM Strategy 300 recognizes top experts in the IP world, including those in in-house, private practice, and service provider roles. Being listed in the 300 is a testament to their strategic approach to IP, as acknowledged by peers.