February was a busy month at IAC with a number of incredible Canadian data-driven cleantech organizations with strong representation across Canada joining our Collective.

Our monthly Innovator Series kicked off on February 11th with a dynamic conversation between co-founders Peter Cowan and Jim Hinton and a Fireside Chat with Dr. Anne Robinson, CSO at Kinaxis.

ICYMI: We have a short Key Takeaways one-pager that you can download here

Looking for Investors? The Importance of an IP Strategy in Raising Capital

March 25, 2021 at 3pm ET 

Looking for Investors will explore questions surrounding raising money within the public and private sectors, how an IP strategy can influence valuation, investor’s perceptions of the chances of a company’s success, the IP financing landscape, IP due diligence, and how leveraging a robust IP portfolio can help companies achieve funding from investors.

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IAC IP Generation Grant

Last month we introduced one of our newest programs, IP Generation Grant Program that provides access to funding to our members. The first round of grants will be awarded shortly and we will administer this program quarterly.

This program is only available to IAC members, so if you know any Canadian data-driven cleantech SMEs that could benefit from assistance with their IP Strategy, this grant program is only one of many opportunities to enrich their business strategy with valuable IP expertise.

Based on the strategic IP needs of our member organizations, the funds granted are going to make a direct impact on building portfolios of IP rights to protect innovation and provide the opportunity for these important Canadian SMEs to scale their business.  The qualifying process for IAC funding encourages members to develop an IP strategy that is appropriate for the business and to articulate the impact of the resulting IP rights as the business works to commercialize the innovation.

– Mike McLean – VP IP Operations –