Cost-effective solutions to access IP through Freedom to Operate acquisitions and access to a pool of member-relevant patents and licenses.

A good IP strategy is incomplete until it involves a plan that considers a business’s ability to safely commercialize a product and/or service. IAC will help member businesses understand and increase their freedom to operate, which in turn, will enable them to best compete on a global scale.

With IAC support, members will build IP strategies and portfolios that provide a business advantage against like-sized companies. The FTO portfolio will provide additional assets to address large corporates that would otherwise have a business advantage due to a disproportionate amount of available IP and capital.

The investment in an annual membership with IAC provides access to a pool of member-relevant patents and licenses (IAC’s portfolio). For the fraction of the cost of individual businesses building such a portfolio, members will benefit from the IP clearance offered via IAC’s collective portfolio of acquired and generated IP. Access to this IP will in turn help support our members’ business growth and international scaling.

In addition, members will have the ability to use assets from IAC’s portfolio as a defensive tool against non-member competitors and IP enforcers. Access to a pool of defensive IP is a powerful deterrent to enforcers and may save members from expensive and lengthy litigation.
Members will also be given the opportunity to influence and contribute to the IP pool.

This program does not impact the integrity of each member’s IP; members maintain ownership of their own IP.