IAC’s Education Team offers learning opportunities about IP, IP strategy and data strategy for members through a suite of live and on-demand programming in concert with professional development and networking opportunities. IAC’s team of experts works closely with member companies to develop tailored educational materials based on the specific needs of each organisation. These are delivered using a variety of learning methods and tools with a strong focus on supporting member companies in their ability to confidently build and deploy robust IP and data business strategies. The educational materials will eventually be compiled into an IP toolkit and content library for members only.


IAC Education is committed to programming governed by three basic tenets:

  1. Education programs must meet members where they are at in their IP and data journeys. What this means is that IAC will ensure that we respond to the education needs at every level of knowledge from very little exposure to IP and data as intangible assets to more sophisticated experience and knowledge. It also means that IAC will remain mindful of ensuring that we offer different pathways to this learning that take into account the limited time commitments that member companies can make and different ways in which people learn.
  2. IAC recognizes that skills-development in IP and data strategies is an inherently multi-disciplinary exercise that must take into account technical, legal and business considerations. Education programs will ensure that content in each subject-area offers diversity of experiences and expertise to provide a 360-degree approach. The focus is to provide members with the essential skills and knowledge to enable them to strategically engage with their IP and data assets, and to empower them as they grow and scale.
  3. IAC also recognises the value of networking with peers and mentors and will provide opportunities for members to connect with other members and the broader IAC network on a regular basis. Member companies will support each other with best practices and knowledge-sharing to enhance their own learning and to ensure that IAC remains responsive to the changing and evolving environment in the data-driven clean tech sector.

Our Commitment

IAC’s approach to education on IP and data strategy is multi-faceted; we understand that members have limited time to engage with learning materials, and might not even know where to start. The Education Team is highly accessible, and nimble enough to develop materials for member companies based on need and interest. What sets IAC apart from other IP education resources is our ability to use multiple learning tools to break down more advanced topics, and showcase the full breadth of an IP or data issue through our multidisciplinary approach.

You can get in touch with the education team directly at education@ipcollective.ca.

Learn more about IAC's study of women entrepreneurs & IP

On Dec 3, IAC released the results of our study on the underrepresentation of women IP holders, company founders and senior leadership.

This study, conducted in partnership with the University of Windsor, was based on interviews with female-identifying entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, and inventors by a research team led by Professor Myra Tawfik and Heather Pratt throughout the summer of 2021.

Download a copy of the study here

To learn more about IAC’s commitment to inclusion and representation across all areas of IP education, contact education@ipcollective.ca

Check out the recording of the discussions below. French subtitles can be found here.

IAC’s Innovator Series webinars present practical information and multi-faceted insights on issues Canadian tech businesses grapple with every day. We present experts from the IP field on stage with business leaders in the Innovation sector and channel partners to give members a well-rounded look at the issue in question. Members also get access to the recorded webinars in the content library and a reference brochure with key takeaways and a list of relevant resources as part of the IP toolkit for further learning.

Member Meet & Greet Networking Sessions

IAC opens up the floor to members on the second Thursday of every month to connect with peers, share insights, discuss relevant news, and provide feedback. The team balances educational opportunity with IAC experts with open-ended peer-to-peer networking in a casual setting to provide ultimate value for members.