Leveraging Standardization for IP (Patent) Generation, Patent Access and IP Exposure Reduction

By focusing on data-driven companies and using standards as a strategic tool to monetize patents through inclusion, licensing and patent pools, IAC aims to provide critical support to early stage and high-growth companies, enabling them to scale up and become globally competitive. Standards provide businesses an effective tool to open broader market opportunities, attract investment and stimulate complimentary research and development. As a Strategic Partner, the CIO Strategy Council will provide its expertise and an open infrastructure for IAC SMEs to generate essential patents through national and global standards setting initiatives led by the Council. 

In leveraging an Essential Patent Monetization Strategy, the IAC, in collaboration with the CIO Strategy Council, will work with SMEs to examine the extent to which a standardization solution can support the commercialization of a specific innovation and generate specific market advantages, including gaining early market access, establishing preferential market positioning, and generating rents through the inclusion of IP in standards. 

“The Exponential Innovation Return Cycle: Essential Patent Monetization Strategy”.

In circumstances where standardization activities would be economically beneficial to the SME holder of a patent, IAC together with the SME will advance a proposal to the CIO Strategy Council to initiate new standards work. In providing its expertise and support, the CIO Strategy Council will guide the SME through the various stages of the standards setting and patent disclosure process as the SME works together with multidisciplinary subject matter experts as part of a technical committee to effectively shape marketplace rules to Canada’s advantage.

SMEs in working with IAC through its Essential Patent Monetization Strategy will be provided a unique opportunity to leverage an integrated solution to license standard essential patents and patent pools efficiently to realize a multiplier effect on SME growth and scale by combining two proven accelerators of industry, patents and standards.

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